Devised by David Astle, is a hybrid of crossword, jigsaw and acrostic. First, solve as many clues as you can, taking care to identify the odd cryptic clue, and then begin to fit the answers inside the grid. (The scattered letters of RUBICON will give you a toehold.) When the grid is completed, arrange the clues from the first Across to the last Down – their 32 initial letters will label a category that includes 6 of your solution words.


Antonym of optional (10)
Eschewing fresh ideas or approaches (10)
Feeling of sympathy (10)
Triage decision getting local into a muddle (10)
Abandoned (9)
Fears and desires uttered by a solitary character (9)
Outrageous pink sled gets redhead strewn (9)
Owers’ opposite (9)
Using tactics shrewdly (9)
Woman or man lustfully admired by millions? (3,6)
An identity verifier (8)
Echoing exact synonym of coastal (8)
Tangible; building material (8)
T-t-t-tries to speak (8)
Babe in the woods (7)
Disturbance; violent storm (7)

Emptied (7)
Rupiah is to Indonesia, as ________ is to Malaysia (7)
Boyne or Ypres (6)
CEOs (6)
Horoscope sign (6)
Indy 500 or Grand Prix competitor (6)
Filch (5)
Glosses over entirely (5)
Noble gas (5)
One key ingredient of chocolate (5)
Regularly (5)
Uranium, say (5)
Discipline entailing poses (4)
Eye the barcode? (4)
Novel by Jane Austen (4)
Sherman, for one (4)


Download the Rubicon as a pdf
Download the solution as a pdf