Who we are

The Department of Linguistics at Macquarie University is well known nationally and internationally for cutting-edge research in the fields of hearing research, language processing, child language acquisition, and applied linguistics in adult language learning.

Research centres, clinical groups, research labs and research groups collaboratively foster a dynamic and interdisciplinary research and teaching environment for staff and students. They carry out research and supervision across a wide range of areas of linguistics,

What we do

We strive to understand and improve communication, endeavouring to understand human speech production and reception, language processing and language acquisition across the lifespan. Our staff have research interests across a wide range of disciplines within the broader areas of theoretical and applied linguistics, such as language acquisition and disorders of language; language, speech and hearing; and languages in society. They also contribute substantially to translational research, in collaboration with major industry partners.

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Phone: +61 2 9850 7111
Email: [email protected]