Australian manual of style

An essential resource for your content and communication strategy

Comprehensive – AMOS has more than 650 pages of content that cover a wide range of communication, writing, editing and design topics. It will continue to build over the next few years.

Clear – AMOS provides clear guidance on style, based on Australian and international standards.

Informative – AMOS provides a unique approach to style by including discussion, resources, tools, insights and training information to support effective communication results.

Easy to use – AMOS has an effective search function and helpful navigational features, such as bookmarks to tag frequently used sections.

Useful for anyone – AMOS has advice and information for anyone who writes, edits or presents, including researchers, students, government and nongovernment staff, journalists, writers, editors, and designers.

Written by experts – AMOS was developed by Australian writing, editing and design professionals with decades of experience, informed by discipline experts.

Continually updated – AMOS regularly adds new content, and reviews and refreshes existing content based on user feedback.

Builds a community – AMOS connects you with professional development and research, and facilitates discussion on communication trends.

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