TermFinder™ is an online information tool on technical terms in various disciplines, developed by Linguistics staff at Macquarie University. Its termbanks are structured like dictionaries, focusing on each term on its own term page. The term pages are enriched with examples and audio recordings of each term and its definition, as well as graphics, diagrams or tables, wherever possible. TermFinder™ is an educational tool designed for tertiary students in first-year courses – especially for international students grappling with new disciplinary concepts and unfamiliar terms. The termbanks cover core terminology in accounting, genetics, biology, geology and statistics. Diagrams are used as a supplementary path to understanding, and audio recordings of each term and its definition help those with lower reading skills in English. Chinese translations of key elements are given in the accounting and statistics termbanks.

LawTermFinder comprises a large body of terminology associated with Australian family law and mediation. It includes terms used in successive family law Acts and amendments, and procedural terms associated with the Australian courts and judicial hearings. Interstate differences in terminology are shown. The termbank is designed for Australian citizens at large, and has been translated into 7 community languages, with support from the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department.

LawTermFinder is designed for members of the public who need to understand technical terms for their own purposes – not as substitutes for professional advice from legal practitioners.