Macquarie University and Biotext offer training for trainees and professionals in many areas, aligned with their research in language and communication, in print and online. Training is delivered through a suite of courses, and in alternative and blended modes, including:

  • e-learning modules and face-to-face workshops, and others to be delivered as microcredentialling
  • short courses covering numerous areas from content design and data visualisation to plain English, readability and scientific writing
  • a full-length graduate course in Editing and Electronic Publishing, and a graduate-level unit on Accessible Communication.
Student reading a book in a library

Short courses

Face-to-face short courses are offered by Biotext in the following areas:
•  successful scientific writing and editing (1 day in Canberra or Sydney)
•  data literacy and visualisation (1 day in Canberra).

Phone: +61 2 6282 2280
Email: [email protected]

E-learning and tertiary training

E-learning and graduate-level training is offered by Macquarie University’s Linguistics Department:

•  e-learning modules

–  plain English (online, blended delivery)
–  readability (online, blended delivery)

•  full-length graduate course

–  Graduate Certificate in Editing and Electronic Publishing

•  undergraduate-level unit

–  Accessible and Inclusive Communication (LING3388)

•  graduate-level unit

–  Accessible Communication (LING8800)


Phone: +61 2 9850 7111
Email: [email protected]